Death, aging and loneliness are three themes that keep recurring in my personal projects. These projects often start by questions that keep troubling me. Questions like: How can it be that people become lonely? What does aging do to us – when we start losing everything around us? Who captures our life’s story? Who will remember? Do we leave traces on this earth; which are those traces? And what does it take to erase what’s left behind?

I feel I find answers in my photos and the places I go to, and how I then sometimes stage scenes within those existing surroundings. For this I search for and explore desolate places that were once teaming with life, but are now seemingly empty shells. I then capture what is still there. In other words, it’s coincidence and purpose that make me develop my thoughts and let me take my pictures to create a new view on reality.


Mariëlle Penrhyn Lowe (born in the early 70’s) is a Dutch photographer living in Heemstede, a village close to the North Sea and Haarlem. She shares her life with Xavier and her children Philippine, Josephine and Pierrick.